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Vegan N Green was created to facilitate the lives of those individuals who would like to live in a more compassionate/green environment. We understand that being vegan or sustainable is not only about the foods we choose, but its more of a lifestyle! Many people are simply unaware of today's cruelty free and green products that can easily substitute the harmful products currently being used now. Which is why we assembled a platform for newcomers and those who practice the lifestyle, enabling all to find these amazing products and improve our future.

Like many people we grew up eating and living a "conventional diet and lifestyle", but after a few years into our adulthood, we knew we wanted to live differently and took a leap into a new path. We started by giving ourselves a challenge that meant no meat for two months, two months became six months and that became 4 years. Now we are looking to make our mark in this ever growing movement by creating a hub for customers to not only shop, but also for education, resources, current events, and to make their lifestyles or goals much easier.